New Release:[HENNGE Access Control] October 2022(Android OS: HENNGE Device Certificate for GUID)

We are pleased to announce updates to the HENNGE Access Control service in October 2022.


This update enables users to install a HENNGE Device Certificate using GUID for Android devices.
We are also pleased to announce the official support of Android OS 13 for the HENNGE One services.

Please use the GUID installation when newly installing a HENNGE Device Certificate to the Android OS listed in the "Android OS that requires GUID installation" section below.

Android OS that requires GUID installation

[Before October 31, 2022]  Android 13
[After November 1, 2022] Android 11, 12 and 13

* In case of updating the OS to the above version on a device where HENNGE Device Certificate has already been installed, reinstallation is NOT required.
* Users can also continuously use the current Android OS 11 and 12 versions without any problems even after November 1. No additional configuration is required.

How to register HENNGE Device Certificate for GUID

Please specify the following values to the "Device ID Type" and "Device ID" items when registering a HENNGE Device Certificate.
How to register for the HENNGE Device Certificate

Device ID Type:guid
Device ID:GUID of user device

*For how to check the GUID of user device, please refer to Device ID check method【GUID for Android 11 or later】.

How to Install HENNGE Device Certificate for GUID

Please refer to the following article for how to install a HENNGE Device Certificate. 
Installing HENNGE Device Certificate (Android 11 or later)

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