What is the allowed maximum size of an email when sending/receiving it?

For Office 365.


What is the allowed maximum size of an e-mail when sending/receiving it?


In Office 365 on HDE One, it is possible to send/receive an approximately 25MB size e-mail.

On the default condition of Office 365, it allows the size of an incoming/outgoing e-mail to be up to 25MB. It is possible to extend this maximum size up to 150MB by changing the configuration.

Whilst, when sending a huge volume e-mail, it is probable that our filtering service requires a lot of time for processing, or that the e-mail is rejected by the receiving e-mail size restriction depending on the receiving e-mail server.

According to the general business manner and Office 365’s default condition, we provide you the environment which allows you to send/receive approximately 25MB e-mail. (*Note: large/huge sized e-mail may cause delivery errors.)

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