What FQDN (URL) or IP address should be set for access permission when our company is using a Web proxy server and Web filtering software?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


Our company are using the Web proxy server and Web filtering software.

What FQDN(URL) or IP address should be set for access permission to use HENNGE One Service?


1. FQDN (URL) designation

Please set the following FQDNs / Port Used for each service for access permission.

*If you use the FQDN as a URL, please add "https://" in the front and "/*" at the end of the FQDN. 

Name of the Service Name FQDN Port Used
 HENNGE Email DLP  console.mo.hdems.com

 HENNGE Access Control (SSO)
 Log-in Authentication


 HENNGE Access Control (SSO)
 Device Certificate
 verify.ssso.hdems.com  TCP/443

 HENNGE Access Control (SSO)
 Account Synchronization Module


 HENNGE Email Archive  console.hdems.com  TCP/443
 HENNGE Secure Transfer (*2)  *.hdedrive.com

 IP reverse lookup filtering on
customer's environment

 *.amazonaws.com  TCP/443


The red xxx part of the following URL for suspended e-mail confirmation / approval is your user identifier.


(*2) For HENNGE Secure Transfer, the download server’s IP addresses dynamically change, hence, please set it with a wildcard. 


2. IP address designation

HENNGE One Services are provided on the dynamically changing IP address. Range specification of all the global IP addresses shown in the link destination list is required for access permission setting. 
Please note that the lists of the above link are subject to change without a pre-notice.


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