How to open the batch-downloaded [mbox] format files from Email Archive?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


We have downloaded the file with the extension [mbox] using the batch-downloading feature, though we have no idea which software allows us to check the contents.


The [mbox] is the collective term for the preservation format groups for the e-mail messages.
This preservation format is easy to handle, so they are adopted to many of mail client softwares.

There are a lot of software to check the contents of the files.
Any of those can be chosen as you like.
Please note that it is necessary to import the [mbox] file into your using mail client when you need to view it on your own.

With regard to the file import procedure or software of each one, please check with your using mail client since it differs depending on the mail client.

Please be aware that it is possible for you to view it with text editor as well, though, it will not allow you to view it one by one according to the detailed header or mail.

Also, if you are going to use this method for the purpose of submitting the file to the auditor for audit program, we would recommend you to create user with the restriction which allows him/her to search only the specified mails and show him/her the login information.

・How can I restrict users to only able to search for specific email addresses?
How can I restrict users to only able to search for specific email addresses?

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