What are the URLs for HDE One Services?

For G Suite.

For Office 365.


What are the URLs for HDE One Services?


For each and every one of our customers, we provide a dedicated set of URLs and the formats of the URLs are as indicated as below:

Please note that the URLs is represented with "yourdomain.com".
Please see your login information document that we have provided.

(1) HDE Access Control
(i) G Suite Access URL
(ii) Office 365 Access URL

(ii) HDE Access Control Admin Console URL

(iii) HDE Access Control User Console URL

(2) HDE Email Security

(3) HDE Online Storage
https://upload.hdedrive.com/gaoidc  (for G Suite)
https://upload.hdedrive.com/ui/yourdomain.com/ (for Office 365)

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