Encryption PW notification mail in English

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There are cases such as sending encryption-PW-notification mail to people overseas.

Would it be possible to create English notification mail?



It is possible to setup for sending notification mail written in both Japanese and English.

It is possible to set up mail template for notification mail by using the dynamically replaceable mail data in the [inserting tag].

Text samples written in both Japanese and English are shown below.

If you would like to change the template text content, please contact support team.

*When you would like to make text in the languages other than them, same procedure can be used.  


The mail template settings details differ according to your using environment.

Please contact support team first to check which one is appropriate.


・Encryption notification mail sample image

To ((%RCPTTO%)),

Please use the following password to decrypt and open the attached file.

subject : ((%HEADER-SUBJECT%))

password : ((%PASSWORD%)) Thank you.


Replacement tags:

Tag Description
((%RCPTTO%)) Envelope To
((%HEADER-SUBJECT%)) Header Subject
((%HEADER-DATE%)) Header Date
((%PASSWORD%)) Temporary Password


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