How do I change the bookmark contents of HENNGE Secure Browser?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


How do I change my bookmark list of the HENNGE Secure Browser?


Only the administrator has the authority to set the bookmark contents of the secured browser.
*It is not possible to configure by yourself.

The bookmark contents that has been set will be reflected in the certain to your environment.

The administrator can set the following procedure.

■ How to set the bookmark of the HENNGE Secure Browser

1. Log in to the management page of HENNGE Access Control service with the user who has an administrator privilege.

■ The URL for Access Control Management Page:[Your-Tenant-Name]

2. Click the left menu "Browser Policy Group"


3. Click “Edit” mark of the policy name that you want to change the bookmark contents.


4. You can change or check the contents of the "Bookmarks" up to 10 items that are displayed.


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