How to set an account password that never expires?

for Google Workspace Microsoft 365

This function was updated in September 2017.


There are employees overseas who are not managed on Active Directory and we could not change the account password. We wish to set their account password that never expires.

※Administrators are able to be exempted from the default password expiration under password policy. This setting is the “Exclude Admin” setting under the “Password Related Setting”.
(This will apply to all of the administrators in the HENNGE Access Control.)


This policy can be configured in any of the following settings:

1) Add new user
2) Edit user
3) Change password
4) Batch Registration

  • Force Password Change
    Force to change the password upon user first login + Password expiration setting will follow the default password expiration policy in the “Password Related Setting”
  • Password Never Expires
    The users will not be required to reset password and will not follow what is stated in the “Password Related Setting”
  • Default Password Expiration
    The users will follow the password policy under “Password Related Setting”

Edit user page


Change password page


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