Enabling ADAL(Modern Authentication) for Skype for Business Online


How to enable ADAL(Modern Authentication) for Skype for Business Online?



To enable ADAL(Modern Authentication) for Skype for Business Online, please follow these steps below.

※These steps can only be executed by Office365 Administrator


0) Please install 「PowerShell」 3.0 or later version.



1) Please install「Windows PowerShell Module for Skype for Business Online」from the URL below.




2) Run PowerShell as administrator, and execute the commands below to connect to Skype for Business Online.

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector  

$credential = Get-Credential   ※You will need to login as Office365 Admin.

$session = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $credential

Import-PSSession $session



3) Use the command to ensure the successful connection to Skype for Business Online.


You will expect results below:

ModuleType Name                 ExportedCommands
---------- ----                 ----------------
Manifest   Microsoft.PowerS...  {Add-Computer, Add-Content, A...}
Script     tmp_5astd3uh.m5v     {Disable-CsMeetingRoom, Enabl...}

※Row number will be decided by each environment situation.



3) Execute the command to enable  ADAL(Modern Authentication) for Skype for Business Online.

Set-CsOAuthConfiguration -ClientAdalAuthOverride Allowed


4) Execute the command to ensure you have enabled ADAL(Modern Authentication) for Skype for Business Online.


If ClientAdalAuthOverride field becomes "Allowed", you have completed the activation.





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