Why are some of the emails do not comply to the Filter Rule?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


Why are some of the emails do not comply to the Filter Rule?


Please acquire the message source of the mail and send it to the support team.

■Please refer to the procedure for acquiring message source as below;

Additionally, similar to such case, we have experienced the following problem;

The declared character code within the relevant outbound-mail was different than the actually described character code. So, the filter service could not analyze it properly and the mail did not fall under the filter rule.

As a reason why such mail is generated, it is probable that the language of the mail text differs from the setup language setting.  

This is just a reference, but it could help you avoid such failure by changing the settings as follows;

  • Gmail settings
  1. Click on the gear icon on the right top, then, select [settings].
  2. Scroll down till the [outbound mail encoding] section appears.
  3. Select [use Unicode (UTF-8) encode for outbound mail]


  • Outlook Settings
  1. In the [File] menus, click on [option] and open [Outlook Option] dialogue box.
  2. In the left menus, click on [advanced settings]
  3. Turn off the checkbox [auto-select encoding for outbound message] in [character setting option], select [Unicode (UTF-8)] in [preferentially used encoding in outbound message]


Please check the environment settings of the user who created the mail, and please confirm this settings together.

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