Admin Consent for Secure Browser Push Notification

for Microsoft 365


To receive the Secure Browser push notification on Microsoft 365,  Admin Consent settings for permissions are required.

For administrators, please follow the initial setting procedure below.
This will be done in around three minutes.


■ Setup Procedure

1) Go to HENNGE Access Control Admin console ->  Domain Settings -> Secure Browser Settings -> In the field [Azure AD tenant IDs for push notification] click "Connect" as shown in the picture below.



2) Click "Connect" again and you will be redirected to Microsoft 365 login page. Please use your Microsoft 365 administrator account to log in.


After successfully logged in, click "Accept" to allow permissions for HENNGE One Notification Service.


3) After the authorization has been successfully processed, you will be redirected back to HENNGE Access Control Admin Console.


4) The setup has been completed.




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