What should I do if I receive Error Message for Google Form?

For Google Workspace.


Regarding the e-mail sent by the Google Form, Error message is sent to the poster onto the Form, hence, the poster cannot receive the proper e-mail which he/she is supposed to get from the Form. So I tried to test it by creating the Google Form. As a result, I either could not receive the proper e-mail. Is there any setting necessary for it? 


When you are using the Google Form or the like, it is probable that the e-mail is not able to be delivered to you due to DMARC policy of Google Workspace.

*In most cases, when SPF record and DKIM signature get failed, DMARC fails.

<Regarding DMARC>


When you use HENNGE One, the HENNGE One server is designated in the MX record.

It is probable that this HENNGE One server is misjudged as an e-mail sending side server and the SPF record authentication gets failed.

Thus, we would like to suggest you to set up the IP address of the server (of HENNGE One side) designated in the MX record to be the IP address for (inbound gateway).

■Procedure for inbound e-mail gateway setting

Please sign in to the Google Workspace Admin console and set up the IP address used for HENNGE One service to be the IP address for inbound e-mail gateway.

*Please enter it in one single comma-delimited string without line-feeding.

*the IP address data to be set differs depending on the service user company, please check with the support desk about the details of the IP address to be set for your company.

Also, for receiving any e-mails from any other providers / companies beside HENNGE One, please set up for the additional IP address accordingly.


For the checkbox “Reject all e-mail not from the above gateway Ips”- If you check this box, Google Workspace doesn’t accept e-mail from anywhere other than your designated inbound gateway server IP.

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