How can I transfer the archived mail shown in the search result?

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How can I transfer the archived mail shown in the search result?


Transfer function enables it to be transferred to a certain destination.
The procedure is as follows;

・ The steps to use archive transfer function

1. Register the transfer permitted address

  *Proceed to the step [2. Archive mail transfer], if already registered.

 1-1. Access the archive management page and log in with administrative privilege.

 1-2. Left menu [Mail archive] – open [Archive setting]

 1-3. Click [Edit] in the [Mail transfer destination address to be permitted] and open the popup [Edit the mail transfer destination address to be permitted].

 1-4. Enter the mail address or the domain used as the destination in the text area

    *We would suggest you to register only the using domain in preparation to the mailbox recovery, or in order to avoid careless transfer outside the company. And for the out-company domain, register it only when necessary

 1-5. When you click the [edit] button, the setting details will be updated.

    *When setting plural ones, please separate them by line breaks.

2. Archive mail transfer

 2-1. Open the target mail in the [Archive search] page, click the [Transfer] link in the [Action] line next to the destination.

  *The [Transfer] link will not appear while the step 1 is not achieved.

 2-2. The popup [Mail transfer] appears and the target mail will be transferred to the mail address entered in [Transfer destination address]

  *If you designate the transfer destination address with the one which is not transfer-permitted, the disabled transfer message will appear.

[Note] Perform all this transfer steps per target mail (one by one).

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