What should I do when I get 'Temporary Error (502)'?

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


What should I do when I get 'Temporary Error (502)'?


When the authorizer page is inaccessible due to the [Temporary error (502)] of Google Workspace, as a substitute authorizer, the administrator can perform the approval process and send the mail.

The procedure is as follows;

- Substitutional approval procedure

1. Log in to the filter control page as an administrator account.

2. Go to [Approval] in the left menu -> click the [Mail list]

3. Open the relevant mail out of the list, and substitute the approval action.

*The above transaction should be taken in case of imminence. It cannot apply to the regular setup.

For the details of the [Temporary error], please check in the Google Workspace administrator help.


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