How to properly test the newly created rules on Email Security?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


We are operating the system under the already set up rules. Now we are considering about adding the new rules. Before applying the new rules to all the sections throughout the company, we would like to verify the new rules’ performance. Is it possible to verify the new rules’ performance while maintaining the existing rules?


For the filtering setup, the rules should be defined based on the combination of the sender and the recipient.

In such case as you require, please create temporary [Group to be verified] and define the [Verification rule] with higher priority than the existing rules.
This way allows you to apply the [Verification rules] only to the specific users designated in the [Group to be verified]. 

Besides, even if deleting the filter definition, the existing rule groups already set up with conditions and actions will not disappear. Thus, you can maintain the existing rules while not using it as the filter.

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