I received a virus detection alert stating that "POLICY_FORMAT_MIME_BOUNDARY".

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


I've got a virus detection alert stating that "POLICY_FORMAT_MIME_BOUDARY".

The sender scanned the attached file, but no virus was detected. Please tell me the reason.

Sample of the e-mail


This virus detection alert email was sent, not because a virus exists in the email body, but because an invalid strings was included in the boundary (strings which indicate the boundary of email contents) and the system considered it a virus detection.

A possible cause is a control code (escape character, newline character, NULL, etc.) or double quotations immixed by a client application which created the email, or a server on the email path when boundary strings were created.

Strictly speaking, that is not a virus detection, howeve, HDE One service reports the case as a user notification. If the same phenomenon occurrs, resending the email may resolve the problem. 

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