Incident in which emails received from a business system are excluded from archiving


Emails received from the business system are being excluded from the archive.


When sending emails to Gmail from environments like the following,
those emails may be excluded from the archive:

・ The domain used in the From address is the same as the one used in Gmail (including subdomains).

・ The domain used in the Envelope From is the same as the one used in Gmail (including subdomains).

・ The sending IP address of the business system is included in the domain's SPF record or registered in Gmail's receiving gateway settings.

This occurs because Gmail incorrectly recognizes these emails as internally received emails.
If this issue occurs, please add specific archive settings for the business system.


Configuration Steps


・ After logging in, the Google Workspace Admin Console may prompt you to log in again after a certain period.

If asked to log in again during the configuration, follow the previous steps to ensure that the settings are reflected, as the previous work may be lost.

・ The following instructions are for adding archive settings for the business system.

If you are not receiving emails, please check that they are not being identified as spam by adding them to "Receiving Gateway" or "Whitelist."

※ "Setting up mail gateways for receiving - Google Workspace Admin Help"

※ "Whitelisting IP addresses in Gmail - Google Workspace Admin Help"


1. Please have the following documents sent from our company ready.

HENNGE One Connection Setup Sheet (PDF file)
※ The parameter sheet (HENNGE One Connection Setup Sheet) is provided during the visit explanation, but if you don't have it, please contact Customer Success Guide (

2. Verify the global IP address of the business system's sending server.

If the sending system uses IPv6, also confirm the IPv6-formatted IP address.


1. Access the Google Admin Console Content Compliance

1.1. Access [Google Admin Console] in Google Workspace.


2. Add a rule for archiving

2.1. Click [Apps] → [Google Workspace] → [Gmail].

2.2. Click [Compliance].

2.3. Scroll down and click [Add another rule] under [Content Compliance].


3. Set the rule description and affected emails

3.1. Enter the rule description in the [Required] field.

For example: HENNGE Email Archive (rsmtpd_inbound) for the business system

3.2. Set [Affected emails] as follows.

Check "Internal - Received".


4. Configure [Add expressions representing content to search for in each message]

4.1. Select [If the following portions of the email match]. Click [Add].

4.2. Select [Match metadata].

4.3. Set [Attribute] and [Match type] as follows, and click [Save].

・ Attribute: Source IP

・ Match type: Source IP is in the following range

・ Enter the IP address of the business system's sending server in the lower field

Note: If the sending system uses IPv6, also register the IPv6 formatted IP address.

4.4. After confirming that the search condition is registered, scroll down the screen.


5. Configure [Other delivery destinations]

5.1. Check [Add recipients] under [Other delivery destinations], and click [Add].

5.2. Select [Details] from the dropdown.

5.3. Check [Change route], and change [Normal routing] to [HENNGE Email Archive (rsmtpd_inbound)].

5.4. Check [Add custom header], and click [Add].

5.5. Set as follows, and click [Save].

・ Header key: Hdems-Archive-Domain

・ Header value: Refer to the HENNGE Email Archive Connection Settings sheet and enter the common header value used in the forwarding settings.

5.6. After confirming the value set in step 5.5, click [Save].

5.7. Scroll down the screen and click [Show options].

5.8. Set [Affected account types] as follows, and click [Save].

・ Users: Check
・ Groups: Check

・ Unknown, Catch-all: Uncheck


6. Repeat steps 3-5 to register another Content Compliance

6.1. Click [Add another rule].

6.2. Repeat steps 3-5 to register Content Compliance with the following details.


Item Name

Setting Value



HENNGE Email Archive (bsmtpd_inbound) for Business System


Affected Emails

□ Received

□ Sent

□ Internal-Sent

■ Internal-Received


Add Expression for Searching Content in Each Message

Select "If the following parts match the email"


Simple Content Match / Advanced Content Match / Metadata Match

Select "Metadata Match"



Select "Source IP"


Match Type

Select "Source IP is in the following range" and enter the business system's source IP address below


Other Recipients

■ Add Recipient


Basic/Advanced Settings

Select "Advanced"



■ Change Route

HENNGE Email Archive (bsmtpd_inbound)



□ Add X-Gm-Original-To Header

□ Add X-Gm-Spam and X-Gm-Phishy Headers
■ Add Custom Header


Add Custom Header → Header Key

X-Hdems-Archive-Domain *Enter only the underlined part


Add Custom Header → Header Value

Refer to HENNGE One Connection Settings Sheet "HENNGE Email Archive Connection Settings Values"


Options → B. Types of Affected Accounts

■ User

■ Group

□ Unrecognized, Catch-All

6.3. Confirm that two settings have been added in the [Content Compliance] section.


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