What is HENNGE One?

HENNGE One is a cloud-based security suite that consists of multiple services. These services provide supplementary functions for users to effectively eliminate potential security threats and risks while using cloud-based productivity suites and more cloud apps (i.e : Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and Salesforce).

HENNGE One consists of five services:

1) HENNGE Access Control

2) HENNGE Secure Browser

3) HENNGE Email DLP 

4) HENNGE Email Archive 

5) HENNGE Secure Transfer 

1) Access Security - HENNGE Access Control

HENNGE Access Control enables organizations to:

  • allow employees to perform Single Sign-on with a single account to all our services as well as the cloud productivity suite (i.e : Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Salesforce or any other service that uses SAML for authentication and authorization). Its purpose is to ease the login process by eliminating the trouble to perform login individually for each service. 
  • allow system administrators to perform user management such as setting password policies.
  • allow or restrict employees within specific networks (i.e corporate network) to log in to the services. By setting access policy groups, they can ensure that only authorized users are able to access the cloud services. 
  • allow system administrators to monitor and trace the details of the access activities of every user in the system (i.e : Access date, time, IP address, device used, etc.)

For more detailed information, please refer to this link:

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2) BYOD Security - HENNGE Secure Browser

HENNGE Secure Browser enables organizations to:

  • ensure all information and data are securely accessed via the browser and are never downloaded nor stored in local devices. This is to prevent any potential information leakage.
  • remove access permissions for accounts logged in on lost devices or devices that belonged to former employees. This ensures prohibition of unauthorized access.
  • prohibit copying any text displayed in the browser, to eliminate any possibility of leakage of confidential data.

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3) Communication Security - HENNGE Email DLP

HENNGE Email DLP enables organizations to:

  • suspend sent emails within a customizable period of time, to allow the sender to review and correct any mistakes when necessary and reaffirm that the content of the email is properly written before the sending process is finalized.
  • define filters to enforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP), preventing emails with possible confidential data from being sent to recipients. Examples of such confidential data include credit card numbers, phone numbers, specific keywords, and email addresses.
  • define rules to ensure that emails sent by certain senders or emails containing specific information require the approval of an authorized approver for the sending process to be completed. 

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4) Email Archiving - HENNGE Email Archive

HENNGE Email Archive enables organizations to:

  • archive all emails that are sent and received by employees. 
  • allow system administrators to search for emails that contain specific keywords in the message body, subject title, or attachment, and emails that are sent or received by specific email addresses.
  • allow system administrators to download and locally backup all archived emails when desired.

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5) File Transfer Security - HENNGE Secure Transfer

HENNGE Secure Transfer enables organizations to:

  • have employees securely send files internally and externally by generating and assigning a unique password to each file transfer. Receivers are required to input the password to unlock and access the file. To maximize security, the sender can decide the preferred method of communicating the password to the receiver.
  • allow employees to securely receive files from within or outside of the organization by generating a HENNGE Secure Transfer link where the sender can upload the requested file to.

  • allow employees to define the duration of time that each file uploaded onto Secure Transfer can be accessed by the receiver. Senders can also instantly remove an uploaded file if desired to prevent anyone from downloading the particular file. 

  • enable employees to be notified every time when an uploaded file is being accessedsearch the log for details of all the previous file transfers

For more detailed information, please refer to this link:

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