Getting Started with HENNGE One (Office 365)

Thank you very much for choosing HENNGE One. The purpose of this article is to ensure you, our customer understand the general idea of how to get started with our services and ultimately facilitate a smooth and efficient setup process.

Getting Started with HENNGE One:

These are the steps for us and you to carry out in order to completely set up HENNGE One in your cloud environment starting from us receiving your purchase order until your end users start to utilise our services.

1. Subscribing HENNGE One. 
2. HENNGE One Setup Prerequisites (Approximate time : 1 day)
3. Building the HENNGE One Environment (Approximate time : 2-3 days)
4. Configuration Requirements Discussions (Approximate time : 2-3 days)
5. User Announcement (Approximate time : 2-3 days)
6. Setting Up HENNGE One (Approximate time : 1 day)
7. Service Deployment Notification (Approximate time : 1 day)

1. Subscribing HENNGE One

The first step to get started with HENNGE One is to either start subscribing to HENNGE One. 

To learn more about HENNGE One, please refer to : 

What is HENNGE One?

To inquire for subscription, please contact :

2. HENNGE One Setup Prerequisites (Approximate time :  1 day)

(i) Provide us your Domain Information

In order for us to set up the service environment for you, we require you to provide us the Domain Information of your Office 365. To do so, please follow the instructions below :

Step 1 - First, log in to the "Office 365 admin center" as an administrator of your Office 365. After successfully logged in, in the "DOMAINS" interface, please capture the list of the domain information 


After the screenshot has been captured, please send it to your corresponding salesperson/consultant in charged.

(ii) Provide us your Mail Flow Rule Information (Required Only if HENNGE Email DLP is purchased)  

HENNGE Email DLP requires to configure a mail flow rule on Office 365, so if there is any existing mail flow rule configured, please allow us to have the information on the rule configured because we would like to ensure that no conflict occur. To check mail flow rule setting, please log in to Office 365 admin center -> ADMIN -> Exchange -> span class="wysiwyg-color-cyan120">mail flow -> rules, as shown as the interface below :


(iii) Provide us your Journal Rule Information (Required Only if HENNGE Email Archive is purchased)  

In Office 365, the maximum number of journal rules you can create is 10 and HENNGE Email Archive requires to configure two journal rules.

Which means if your Office 365 environment has to at least have 2 available slots for HENNGE One to add two journal rules.

While you are at “Office 365 admin center”, Go to “Admin” -> “Exchange” to log on to “Exchange admin center” and click on “compliance management” -> “journal rules”. If there is any journal rule configured, please be sure to send us a screenshot of the list as shown as below:



After the screenshot is taken, please contact our support staff and allow us to have the screenshot. If there is no journal rule configured and you see an empty list, you shall proceed to the next step.

3. Building the HENNGE One Environment (Approximate time :  1 week)

After getting the Domain information of your Office 365 tenant, we will begin to build the HENNGE One tenant environment for you. 

During this process, if we have any issue in regards to the domain environment, we will contact you for more information.

4. Policy Requirements Discussions (Approximate time : 1 week)

Depending on the needs of your organisation, we can configure the system policy to satisfy the requirements accordingly. 

First, we would like you to understand what are the policy configurations our services are capable of providing.

(i) Best Practices of HENNGE Access Control Configurations

(ii) Best Practices of HENNGE Email DLP Configurations

Then, we recommend to have a series of discussions done via Messaging or Video Conferencing tools (i.e : Google Hangouts Or Skype) between you and us to ensure that we are able to come up with the best configurations to satisfy your needs. 

5. User Announcement (Approximate time : 1 week)

There is a list of important information that is necessary to be communicated to the end users before your Office 365 environment be installed with HENNGE One.

The list of important information is consists of :

(i) The URLs for all of the HENNGE One services.

What are the URLs for HENNGE One Services?

(ii) The Login Account Information (Username and Password).

The account information of the users shall be distributed to every single end user so that they can access as soon as HENNGE One is deployed.

(iii) The User Guides for each service.

HENNGE Access Control User Console Guide

HENNGE Secure Browser User Guide (Smartphone) & (PC)

HENNGE Email DLP User Console Guide

HENNGE Online Storage User Console Guide

6. Setting Up HENNGE One (Approximate time : 1 day)

The setup processes can be done by referring to various Setup Guides for each and every service accordingly as listed below:

(i) HENNGE Access Control (Approximately 1 hour and a Windows PC)
(ii) HENNGE Secure Browser (Approximately 10 minutes for each device)
(iii) HENNGE Email DLP (Approximately 1 hour)
(iv) HENNGE Email Archive (Approximately 30 minutes)
(v) HENNGE Secure Transfer (No Setup Required)

7. Service Deployment Notification (Approximate time : 1 day)

Once the services are successfully set up, the deployment of the services to your environment is considered completed. Then, our consultant will send a notification mail to notify you in regards to information such as below:

1) Contract Duration
2) Number of User Accounts
3) Contract Period
4) Service Deployment Date
5) Service Login Information
6) Contact Information

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