What is HENNGE Access Control?

What is HENNGE Access Control and why do we need it?

HENNGE Access Control is our service that provides a comprehensive and secured solution for users to use single sign-on, manage user accounts, implement password policy settings and access policy settings, and  monitor activities, all in one admin console interface. 


This is a comprehensive and easy-to-use security tool that manages the user accounts of your organization, enhancing the security features that your current cloud environment may be lacking. The Access Control security features are essential if you look to securely authenticate and authorize the end users of your organization. These features are:

1) Single Sign-on (SSO)

- Single sign-on allows end users to login to all HENNGE One services as well as cloud productivity suites (i.e : Microsoft 365, Google Apps for Work, Salesforce or any other service that uses SAML for authentication and authorization) with a single account. Its purpose is to ease the login process by eliminating the need to login to each service individually.

  • Boosts Productivity - By removing the need to remember and manage a list of passwords, the login process becomes much easier and time-efficient.

  • Improves Security - As the end users in your cloud environment only need to have one single password for all the services, they can set a much more complicated, and therefore stronger password. A stronger password can effectively improve the security of the system.

  • Improves User Experience - With the ability to automatically log in any time when the user wants to login to the service website, SSO improves user experience by eliminating the need to log in each time individually.

2) User Management 

- The user management feature allows system administrators to manage user accounts. This includes processes such as setting password policies and assigning access policy groups.

  • Setting Password Policy - A password policy that requires every user to have a strong password drastically reduces the risks of security breaching and improves the overall security of cloud environments. An example of a password policy is requiring users to change their passwords after a certain period of time (i.e. once a month), ensuring every password consists of at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special symbol.

  • Assigning Access Policy Groups - With this feature, administrators can assign users to groups that are controlled under certain access policies. More information on Access Policy Groups can be found below under (3) Access Policy Groups. 

For more detailed information about how to configure settings, please refer to this link:
HENNGE Access Control Admin Settings : User Settings (Access Policy Groups)

3) Access Policy Groups 

- By setting access policy groups, administrators can allow or restrict end users from logging in to services under specific conditions. This helps ensure that only authorized users are able to access to the cloud services.

  • Configurable User Conditions for Allowing Access - Administrators can control access settings, giving access to certain users such as those who are in permitted networks, possess Entrance Passes, and given privileged access. For example, the policy can be defined to restrict end users from outside of the corporate network from logging in to the company's cloud services.

  • Giving Permission to Users - Based on the policy configured by the system administrator, if the users meet the policy condition requirements, they are able to login without a One-Time Password. They can also be granted access to certain settings and certain applications.

  • Entrance Pass is a piece of data that will be given to a user after a user has successfully logged in to the services. Depending on how the access policy is defined, users with an entrance pass may be able to gain access to the services even if they are outside of the allowed network.

For more detailed information about how to configure the settings, please refer to this link:
HENNGE Access Control Admin Settings : User Settings (Access Policy Groups)

4) Access Logs 

- Access logs allow system administrators to monitor and trace the details of the access activities of every user in the system. 

  • System Access Log - Every login performed by users is recorded into the log. System administrators can search and check the access activities of all end users in the log within a certain period of time or a specific day. The details of the access activities that are recorded are the access date, time, IP address, and device used.

For more detailed information about how to configure the settings, please refer to this link:
HENNGE Access Control Admin Settings : System Settings 

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