Configurations for Office Workers

This guide is consists of two steps of configurations for the people who work in the office only. In this article, we introduce how to setup certain Access Policy (2-2).


The contents are:

1) HENNGE Secure Browser Settings
2) Other Setting (for Microsoft 365)

For more detailed procedure of setting, please refer to this link:
HENNGE Access Control Admin Console Guide : User Settings (Access Policy Groups)

1) Access Policy Group Settings

In the "Access Policy Groups" interface, create access policy group as below.


- Global ip address ( is the example of corporate network.
- It allow to gain access to the services from corporate network or HSB.

2) Other Settings (for Microsoft 365)

Furthermore, in the "Access Policy Groups" interface, edit "Condition to allow Desktop/Mobile application access" in access policy group setting as below. 

- This example allow to access from Outlook client in the corporate network.
-For more detailed information about restriction of application, please refer to the link:
What are the customisable elements available in the Access Policy Groups feature for HENNGE Access Control?

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