What is HENNGE Secure Browser?


This information is intended for customers using HENNGE Access Control who are considering using HENNGE Secure Browser.


This section provides an overview of the features of HENNGE Secure Browser.

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1. Feature Overview

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1. Feature Overview

What is HENNGE Secure Browser?

HENNGE Secure Browser is a comprehensive and secure solution that provides protection of user information, device security, and prevention of information leakage.

With these features, it is possible to make the access route to company information from outside networks secure, using devices owned by individuals or company devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs).

* Supported scope includes viewing emails, calendars, and contacts of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

1. Information Protection

To prevent potential information leakage, secure access to all information and data is ensured by not allowing downloads and storage on local devices.

Downloads to local devices are prohibited in HENNGE Secure Browser, so actions that temporarily download and display files when viewing email attachments cannot be performed.

Example) Viewing Excel or Word files attached to emails in the Android version of Outlook on the web

2. Device Security

Usage can be restricted for each device. Additionally, it is possible to delete access rights of accounts logged into lost devices and prohibit unauthorized access from devices owned by former employees.

3. Leak Prevention

Copying of text displayed in the browser is prohibited, reducing the possibility of confidential data leakage.

2. Various Manuals

HENNGE Secure Browser Administrator Help

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