What is HENNGE Secure Browser?

What is HENNGE Secure Browser and why do we need it?

HENNGE Secure Browser is one of the our services to provide a comprehensive and secured solution for our users to perform Information Protection, Device Security, and Leakage Prevention.


These features are able to ensure that the process of accessing the corporate information by a user's own or corporate device (Smartphone, Tablet or PC) outside of the corporate network is completely secured.

1) Information Protection 

- ensures all the information and data is securely accessed via the browser and never be downloaded and stored in local device to prevent any potential information leakage.

2) Device Security 

- remove access permission for accounts logged in on lost devices or devices belonged to former employees to ensure that unauthorised accesses are prohibited.

3) Leakage Prevention 

prohibit copying any text displayed in the browser to eliminate any possibility of leakage of confidential data.

For more detailed information about how to administer HENNGE Secure Browser, please refer to this link:

HENNGE Secure Browser Admin Console Guide

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