Sending Approval Settings

This article consists of instructions on how to properly configure and customise the settings in Sending Approval in order to best suit the environment of your organisation.

There are three parts of settings in Email DLP Admin Guides: Data Loss Prevention SettingsSending Approval Settings and Password Protected Zip File Encryption Settings. As for this particular article, only the Sending Approval Settings will be explained. The Sending Approval Settings and Password Zip File Encryption Settings can be found in separate documents.

This Setting Guide contains two parts:
1) Approver Settings
2) Other Settings

1) Approver Settings

☆ 1 - Click "Account" - "Approver" in the left pane. Press "Add User" button.
☆ 2 -  In the Approver settings interface, there are a few configurations such as :

1) Username : Username which is used for authentication to login to the management console. It must be an email address.
2) CommentAny text string. Generally a short description of the user.
3) Privilege : It allows you to assign View/Send/Discard privileges to the Rule Groups regarding approval functionality.

*Note - If you do not check the "privilege", approver do not have the approval process.
To see the actual usage of the Rule Group details,
please refer to this link : Data Loss Prevention Settings

2) Other Settings

☆ 1 - You can change the user status(enable/disable) by means of clicking the toggle.
 is enable.
is disable.

*Notes : 
- If one approver is set to be disabled, he/she will not be able to access the management console temporarily.
- If one approver with privilege of rule group is set to be disabled, the notification message function will not be available in addition to the previously mentioned.

☆ 2 -  To delete a user, click "Edit" and press "Delete" button in the next page.

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