Standard Level Security Configuration

After setting up Basic Level Configuration, you can proceed to this configuration. This guide is consists of three steps of configurations for keyword search, Prevent large number of email sending and Prevent sending to private addresses as below:

1) Define Mail Groups
2) Define Rule Groups
3) Define Filters

For more detailed procedure of setting, please refer to this link:
Data Loss Prevention Settings

1) Define Mail Group

In the "Define Mail Group" interface, create "Private Addresses" Mail Group as below.
(In this case, Private Addresses are "" and "" domains.)

2) Define Rule Group

i) First, in the "Define Rule Group" interface, create two rules as below. 

a) Search String and Delete

Credit Card Format:
0000-0000-0000-0000 …General
0000-000000-0000 …Diners
0000-000000-00000 …AMEX


b) Delete if there are more than 10 addresses

ii)  Register "Search String and Delete Rule" group as below.

iii) Second, in the "Define Rule Group" interface, create a rule as below.

iv)  Register "Delete All Messages" group as below.

3) Define Filter

i) Modify the priority of existing filter (120 -> 140) as below.

ii) In the "Define Filter" interface, create two filter as below.

a) Priority 120:

b) Priority 130:

iii) The setting complete.

Depending on your needs, consider introduction of next level security. 
High Level Security Configuration

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