Setting Up HENNGE Email Archive (Microsoft 365)

This article consists of the instructions on how to correctly setup HENNGE Email Archive so that it is fully functional within your Microsoft 365 domain environment. After completing this setup, you will be able to start using the features of HENNGE Email Archive.

For the set values, please see your Connection Settings document that we have provided.

The guide contains of four parts:

1) Setup Prerequisites

2) Journal Rules Setting

Purpose - To add a Journal Rule to allow our system to archive all the mails.


(1) Setup Prerequisites

Provide a Screenshot of your Microsoft 365’s Journal Rules to Us as we need the list of your existing Microsoft 365’s Journal Rules. For us to be informed about this information is to ensure that no conflict will happen during the process of the setup.

While you are at “Microsoft 365 admin center”, Go to “Admin” -> “Exchange” to log on to “Exchange admin center” and click on “compliance management” -> “journal rules”. If there is any journal rule configured, please be sure to send us a screenshot of the list as shown as below:


After the screenshot is taken, please contact our support staff and allow us to have the screenshot. If there is no journal rule configured and you see an empty list, you shall proceed to the next step.


Connection Filter Setting

(Please note that you should skip this step if you have performed this settings in "Setting Up HENNGE Email Security (Microsoft 365)")

Step 1 - While you are at “Exchange admin center”, Go to “protection” -> “connection filter” and click on the edit button as shown as below:


Step 2 - After clicking the “Edit” button, a small window will pop up. Go to “connection filtering” and click on the add button to input the IP address into the IP Allow list as shown as below. The IP address of our server can be found in your Connection Settings document that we have provided with the name “Allowed IP address”. Also, please ensure the “Enable safe list” is checked. Click “Save” to complete the process.



(2) Journal Rules 

Step 1 To start the Journal Rules setting, go to "recipients" and click “contacts” -> add button to add a new contact information into your Microsoft 365 system.


Step 2 - Create a new contact with the following information:

Display name: NDR or any other name of your choice.

Email address:


Step 3 Log on “Exchange admin center”, go to “compliance management” -> “journal rules” -> “Select address” for “undeliverable journal reports”.


Step 4 - Click on “Browse” to select the newly created contact “NDR”.


Search and select the contact “NDR”.

Step 5 - While you are in the “journal rules”, click on the add button to create a new journal rule.

(Please note that you should refer to following article if you want to forward the email sent by specific member or group: How do I set up Microsoft 365 in order to archive the email sent by specific member/group?. And then, proceed to Step 7)


Step 6 - Input the address for the system to send journal reports to. The address can be found in the Connection Setting document that we provide and a sample of this address is “”. You may enter any name that you want or you can input the recommended name below. Select “[Apply to all messages]” and “All messages” accordingly as shown as below:

Step 7 - Repeat the same process but with a different address which can also be found in the Connection Setting document that we provide: “”

After completing this step, you have now completed the entire setup for HENNGE Email Archive with Microsoft 365.

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