Setting Up HENNGE Secure Transfer (G Suite)

This article consists of the instructions on how to correctly setup HENNGE Secure Transfer so that it is fully functional within your G Suite domain environment. After completing this setup, you will be able to start using the features of HENNGE Secure Transfer.

Step 1 - Please log on to the Google Admin Console with your Google Administrator account. 


Then, click on "Security" as shown as below.


Step 2 - In the "Security" settings interface and click on "API reference".


Step 3 - In the "API reference" settings, check the option "Enable API access". Then, click "Save".


Step 4 - Please click on "Show more" in the Security settings.


Step 5 - Click on "Advanced settings" as shown below.


Step 6 - Next, in the "Advanced settings", click on "Manage API client access".


Step 7 - In the "Manage API client access" interface, input the details below into the "Client Name" and "One or More API Scopes".

906851de-044c-470c-8b08-3f4f2d48a27c.pngClient Name : [Please refer to your Connection Settings document that we have provided]

One or More API Scopes : [Please refer to your Connection Settings document that we have provided]

After completing this step, you have now completed the entire setup for HENNGE Secure Transfer with G Suite.

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