Getting the IMEI Number on your Smartphone Device (Android / iOS)

This article consists of instructions on how to get the IMEI Number on your Smartphone Device to allow your system admin to use the IMEI Number to register a Device Certificate that is unique to your device.

Regardless of the type of Smartphone that you are using (i.e., Android, iPhone), it is extremely easy to get the IMEI Number on your Smartphone Device.

Step 1 - Using the "Phone" app on your Smartphone, simply Dial *#06#.


Step 2 - Then, the IMEI Number of your Smartphone will appear automatically in a pop-up window.

In some cases, some devices will have multiple IMEI Number depending on the number of Sim Card slots the device has. In that case, please use the first IMEI number.

Please note down the IMEI Number and pass it to your system admin. 


After passing the IMEI Number to your system admin, your system admin will proceed to register a Device Certificate for your device. 

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