Basic Level Email DLP Configuration

This guide is consists of three steps of configurations for Inbound Rule and Basic Rule as below:

1) Define Mail Groups
2) Define Rule Groups
3) Define Filters

For more detailed procedure of setting, please refer to this link:
Data Loss Prevention Settings

1) Define Mail Groups

In this case, the customers do not have to configure "All" and "Internal Domain" mail groups, because these are set by default.

2) Define Rule Group

i) There is nothing to configure for "Inbound Rule" group, because this rule group are set by default.

ii) In the "Define Rule Group" interface, create a rule as below.

iii) In the "Define Rule Group" interface, register "Basic Rule" group as below.

3) Define Filter

i) There is nothing to configure for "Inbound Rule".

ii) In the "Define Filter" interface, create a filter as below.

iii) The setting has completed.

Depending on your needs, consider introduction of next level security. 
Standard Level Security Configuration

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