What is HENNGE Email Archive?

What is HENNGE Email Archive and why do we need it?

HENNGE Email Archive is one of the our services to provide a comprehensive and secured solution for our users to perform Email Archiving, Archive Searching, and Archive Access Monitoring from the cloud. 

1) Email Archiving 

- archive all of the emails that are sent and received by the employees. 

  • Archived Automatically - Once our service is successfully set up, this service will archive all the inbound, outbound, and internal mails to the cloud archive storage.

2) Archive Searching

- allow system administrator to search for emails that contain specific keyword in the message body, subject title or attachment, and emails that are sent or received by a specific email address.

  • Search Condition - The list of targets that the conditions are based on is consists of "From", "To/Cc/Bcc", "Envelope From", "Envelope To", "Subject", "Attachment" and "Keyword". Then, from these targets, the conditions available are "Contains", "Does Not Contain", "Matches", and "Does Not Match" follow by a specific keyword or email address that the user wish to search. 
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