What is HENNGE Secure Transfer?

What is HENNGE Secure Transfer and why do we need it?

HENNGE Secure Transfer is one of the our services to provide a comprehensive and secured solution for our users to perform Secured File Sending, Secured File ReceivingLife-span Setting, Availability Control and Access Notification.

1) Secured File Sending 

- allow employees to securely transfer files within the organisation or towards an external individual by generating and assigning a unique password to each file transfer and requiring the receiver to input the password to unlock and gain access to the file. The user could decide the preferred way to communicate the password to maximise security.


2) Life-span Setting 

- allow employees to fix the duration for the files to exist in the HENNGE Secure Transfer for each file transfer.

3) Availability Control 

allow employees to instantly remove an upload when desired to prevent anyone from downloading the particular file. 



4) Access Notification 

- enable employees to be notified every time when an uploaded file is being accessed as well as to search the log for the details of all the previous file transfer

5) Secured File Receiving

- allow employees to securely receive files from a source within the organisation or outside of the organisation by generating a link that allows the sender to upload the requested file via the HENNGE Secure Transfer.


For more detailed information about HENNGE Secure Transfer, please refer to this link:

HENNGE Secure Transfer User Console Guide

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