Installing Device Certificate on Mac OS

This article consists of instructions on how to install Device Certificate on your Mac OS Devices and how to first login with the Device Certificate.

Step 1 - Open the Notification E-mail from CyberTrust and Click on the link under Step 1.


Step 2 - Click on the "Open" button to execute the execution file and install.


Step 3 - Ignore the drag and drop as this is a one time installation, click on the "DeviceiD Importer" application to execute the certificate installation.


Step 4 - Click on "Open" button to follow through the installation process.


Step 5 - Copy the "Your certificate identifier" in the original E-mail that you have received.


Step 6 - Paste the copied string in the box provided and click on button below (*証明書登録) to continue.


Step 7 - Click on "OK" to continue.


Step 8 - Close the Cybertrust DeviceiD and click on the left button to confirm (*はい).


Step 9 - Now you can open the Safari browser on your Mac OS computer and visit the login link:, be sure to click on the "Log in with Device Certificate".


Step 10 - Click on "Allow" to allow the browser to access your certificates.


Step 11 - Select the client certificate that you have just added and click on "Continue" to login to HENNGE Access Control.



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