HDE Secure Browser : PC App Setup guide (Mobile QR Code Scanner required)

This article consists of the instructions on how to correctly setup HDE Secure Browser on your PC.

The guide contains five parts:
1) Getting Device Authentication Code (For User)
2) Installing HDE Secure Browser on Your PC (For User)
3) Authenticating HDE Secure Browser on Your PC (For User)
4) Accepting Device Approval Request (For Admin)
5) Setting the HDE Secure Browser PIN (For User)

1) Getting Device Authentication Code 

Step 1 - Log in to your HDE Access Control User Console.



Step 2 - In the HDE Access Control User Console, Click on the "HDE Secure Browser setting." 


Step 3 - Click on "New device authentication"


Step 4 - You will be able to see the QR Code for device authentication for your HDE Secure Browser as shown as below. Click on "Copy as text" and save it to a notepad. 



2) Installing HDE Secure Browser on Your PC

Step 1 - Download HDE Secure Browser from HDE official site and install it.



Step 2 - When you execute .exe or .dmg which was downloaded in Step1, below installation screen is shown.



3) Authenticating HDE Secure Browser on Your PC

Step 1 - Click "HDE Secure Browser" application icon.


Step 2 - When you first open the app, you will be required to input the "device authentication" code. Please paste the long string of codes that you have obtained in 2) Step 6 and click "Submit."


Step 3 - After successfully submitted the device authentication code, the administrator of your organisation shall approve the permission for your device to access via HDE Access Control Admin Console. After your device is being approved, you will need to restart your HDE Secure Browser app to the cloud services.


4) Accepting Device Approval Request (For Admin)

Step 1 - Log in to your HDE Access Control Admin Console.

Step 2 - First, in the Secure Browser settings, click on "Authentications". Then, find the device that you want to approve and click on "Accept."


Step 3 - Confirm the approval process by clicking "Accept."


5) Setting the HDE Secure Browser PIN 

Step 1 - Relaunch the HDE Secure Browser app and you will be able to input your login details.


Step 2 - After logging in, you need to set up the PIN that will be required every time you relaunch the app.


Step 3 - In the "Settings" interface, click on the "Set PIN" icon.


Step 4 - Input your desired PIN.  


After the PIN has been configured, the setup for HDE Secure Browser for PC is completed.


In cases where you want to change your PIN, user name or password after the setup, you can change them by clicking the icon on the top-left.



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