Setting Up Distribution Group for Specific HDE Email Archive Users

This article consists of instructions to set up Office 365 in order to forward the emails sent by specific group/users to HDE Email Archive.


Step 1 - First, in the admin center, click on "Exchange" as shown as below:

Step 2 - In the Exchange admin center, click "recipients" -> "groups" -> "Distribution group".

Step 3 - Input the details accordingly.


Step 4 - Add all the specific Members into the Distribution list and Save the list:

Step 5 - First, you can see the "new journal rule" window after clicking "compliance management" ->"journal rules" -> "+ [Plus button] " in Exchange admin center interface as below.

Step 6 - Select "A specific user or group" in "*If the messages sent to or received from..." field.

Step 7 - Select and add the specific Group that you have created earlier.

Step 8 - Select "All messeges" in "Journal the following messages..." field.

Step 9 - After this configuration, repeat the same process for "" domain.

For more detailed information, please refer to this article: Setting Up HDE Email Archive (Office 365)

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