How do I set up Microsoft ID management component (unixUserPassword) for Unix?

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How do I set up Microsoft ID management component (unixUserPassword) for Unix?


We Introduce how to set up Microsoft ID management component (unixUserPassword) for Unix which will be used by HENNGE Access Control Sync to obtain user’s login password managed on Active Directory as below.

- In case of using Active Directory with redundant system configuration, user has to add Unix component settings to all Active Directories (Domain Controller).
- Please note that additional Unix component settings must be handled by the member of the Administrator group for each Window Server’s local computer.

This article is consists of two components:

1) Windows Server 2008
2) Windows Server 2012

1) Windows Server 2008

Step 1Open "Role Services" and click "Add Role Services".


Step 2 - Select Role Services wizard will show. Check "Identity Management for UNIX", "Server for Network Information Services", "Password Synchronization" and "Administration Tools" . And then, Click "Next" button.


Step 3 - Confirm Installation Selections wizard will show. Click "Install" button.


Step 4 - Click "Close" button and restart the server to complete the installation process.


Step 5 - Open Server Manager and right click on "Password Synchronisation" and select "Properties".


Step 6 - On "Encryption and decryption key", click "Generate key" button and click on "Configuration" tab.


Step 7 - Check "Enable" to activate Windows to NIS "Active Directory" password synchronization and click "OK" button.


Step 8Open Server Manager and click "Server for NIS", Right click on the server and select "UNIX Password Encryption".


Step 9 - Select "md5" in "Encryption Scheme" and click "OK" button.


2) Windows Server 2012

Step 1Open PowerShell using administrator account and execute all 3 commands as below. 

ps>Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:adminui /all
ps>Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:nis /all
ps>Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:psync /all

*Note - Each time a command is executed, a restart message will show. Please restart after all the commands have been executed.

Step 2Open Server Manager, "Tool" > Choose "Microsoft Identity Management for UNIX".


Step 3Click "Password Synchronization" and choose "Properties".


Step 4 - Click "Generate key" and click "Configuration" tab button.


Step 5 - Check "Enable" in "Windows to NIS (Active Directory) Password Sync" and click "OK".


Step 6 - Choose the domain from "Server For NIS" and right click to select "Properties".


Step 7 - Select "md5" for "Encryption Scheme" and click "OK" button.


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