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May 21, 2018
HENNGE One Status Dashboard is renewed.

Please check the latest information at the following link.



Please also check the following article for the new status dashboard.
How to check the HENNGE One operational status/defect information


Please see below for the information before May 21, 2018.


This page provides the latest status of our services and the updates of related service interruptions.
To read more about the progress of each article, please click on the title of each article.


 【About Product】


【HENNGE Service Status】

 Please confirm the status for each of the services.

Product Status Details
hsb_s.png Normal_Green.png Functioning normally.
hac_s.png Normal_Green.png Functioning normally.
arc_.png Normal_Green.png Functioning normally.
hos_s.png Normal_Green.png

(2017/10/18 18:13)
Resumes to normal.

(2017/10/18 17:58)
We found the system alert. Now we are investigating.

Mail_s.png Normal_Green.png Functioning normally.

Normal_Green.png: (Normal) No problem using the service at all, the service functions properly and normally as expected.

Warning_Yellow.png: (Warning) There are internal monitoring by HENNGE support, parts of the service may not function as expected.

Fault_Red.png: (Error) There are some errors currently on-going, please keep on checking on this dashboard to be updated.


Status / failure information list】
  For more details about specific downtime, please click on the article to view more.

Product Cloud


hac_s.png  Google Workspace
Microsoft 365




Product Cloud


hac_s.png Microsoft 365





  Google Workspaceの方はこちら    Microsoft 365の方はこちら

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