How to disconnect HENNGE Access Control for Google Workspace

for Google Workspace
When an HENNGE Access Control failure occurs, users can not login to the Google Workspace.
We want to know how to disable the single sign on settings for HENNGE Access Control on a temporary basis.
 <<Disabling Procedure>>
1. Login to the Google Admin Console
2. Click [User]
3. On the [User] page, click "Add" button and select [Add multiple users]
4. Check [Pre-populate with existing users] box and click [DOWNLOAD AS .CSV]
5. Open the CSV file and enter a password to the "Password" column
6. Upload the updated CSV file, then the passwords will be changed
7. Disable the single sign on settings from the following Admin Console menu
 [Admin Console] > [Security] > [Set up single sign-on] - Uncheck [Setup SSO with third party identity provider]  box
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