How to Set Up HENNGE One with Microsoft 365 using Setup Automation Tool?

In order to setup Microsoft 365 environment to connect to your HENNGE One Services tenant, we have developed a Setup Automation Tool for users to easily set up HENNGE One with Microsoft 365. If you wish to have this Setup Automation Tool, please contact our team.


First, make sure that you are running from a Windows machine with an adequate PowerShell. In order to run the batch script for the automated connection, you need to ensure that you have the following modules installed in your Windows environment:

Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant
Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

If either of these is missing, you will find an error pop-up window after executing the script like the one below:

If you encounter this error, please ensure the two modules are successfully installed.

Step 1 - Extract the files from the zip file

Use decompress software such as ZIP or WinRar to extract the compressed content

Step 2 - Execute "Connect.bat" in the directory

Please enter the folder and find the connect.bat in the directory to execute the file. Remember to right click and "Run as Administrator"

Step 3 - Click on "Yes" to continue

Step 4 - Login with the Microsoft 365 administrator account

Step 5 - Login with the Microsoft 365 administrator account for the Admin Consent

Step 6 - Click on the "Accept" to connect to HENNGE Access Control.



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