Change the Administrator of the Secure Transfer Service

for G Suite Office 365



I wish to change the administrator of the Secure Transfer.


The Secure Transfer service admin can be added (or deleted) with the following procedure.



1) Login with an account that has the administrator permission and access the Secure Transfer service.

2) Click on the "Management" button on the menu on the left.

3) Click on the "Domain Information" Tab on the right panel.

4) The "Admin" section will be the top of the page, please click on the "Edit" button.

5) The Admin Menu will be shown.

  Add: To add additional users as Admin, please click on the "Add" button".

     ※Please only select accounts that can do Single Sign-On service.

  Delete: To delete existing users from Admin, please click on the "x" button.

6) Click on the "Close" button to close.

The procedure is shown as above.


If the Admin user has been accidentally deleted and there are no other accounts that can be logged in with the Admin permission, please contact the support here Customer Success Guide.

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