HENNGE Secure Browser Operation Manual


1. How to Login

1. Once you have launched the HENNGE Secure Browser app, a HENNGE Access Control login screen will be displayed. 
Please enter your username and password for HENNGE Access Control.


2. Once you have successfully logged in, a default screen will be displayed.
* This sample screen is for iPhone with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace.PNG

For iOS: The "Passcode Lock" function conforms to a standard feature of iOS.
For Android: If no app PIN  is set, an instruction dialog may be displayed to set up a PIN. Please set your PIN and log in again. Go to HENNGE Secure Browser settings, enable the "Passcode Lock" function, and register a PIN that uses 4 or more digits. 
* The number of digits required depends on each customer's policy.  Please ask your administrator about this.

 2. Basic Operation

For iOS:Tap the star.PNG or tab.PNG icon at the bottom of the screen
For Android: Tap the star icon at the top of the screen
* This sample screen is for iPhone with Google Workspace.
* For Android devices, the operation may be slightly different depending on mobile models.

Google Workspace.PNG

3. Tool Bar for iOS


1 Back Go back to the previous page
2 Forward Go forward a page
3 Tab Open a page to switch tabs
4 Bookmark Open your bookmark
*Bookmark can be configured only by administrators. Users cannot change it.
5 Settings Open a setting page

4. How to Use the Tab Browser for iOS(iPhone/iPad)

1. You can move to a tab switching screen by tapping the Image_from_iOS__1_.pngicon.

Google Workspace_chekingIcon_.PNG

2. Once you have tapped the plus.PNG icon, a new tab will open. Select the service you want to view.


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