About HENNGE One Trial

Thank you very much for showing interest in our service, HENNGE One.

If you wish to test our service on trial, we can provide you HENNGE One trial. There are 2 types of trial in which each type has its advantages and disadvantages as shown below.

1.Common Trial

Common trial will be provided as a set. You can choose one of the sets below:

  1. 「Office365 + HENNGE One」
  2. 「G Suite + HENNGE One」


Common trial is suitable for customer with one of these requirements:

 ・Wish to test HENNGE One as soon as possible.

 ・Has not adopted Office365 or G Suite yet, but would like to test HENNGE One. 

2.Individual Trial

Individual trial will be delivered as「HENNGE One for Customer tenant」

※Note that only HENNGE One service will be provided for this type of trial. The trial will need to be integrated with customer's existing Office 365 or G-Suite tenant.

 Individual Trial is suitable for customer with one of these requirements:

 ・Wish to use all HENNGE One features.

 ・Wish to connect HENNGE One with other Cloud services apart from Office 365 / G-Suite such as Salesforce.

 ・High possibility to purchase after trial since individual trial will be connected to the production environment.

3.Comparison between Common Trial & Individual Trial


Common Trial

Individual Trial


Domain Information

No need


※1For individual trial, your domain name will be required for us to create HENNGE One tenant specifically for your domain. HENNGE One services URL will contain your domain name. Note that the URL cannot be change afterward.

Test with production environment

Not Possible


※2 Note that service maybe unavailable temporarily when there is a change of configuration from trial environment to production environment.

Number of users

3 users

Up to 10 users

※3 For Individual trial, you can add up to 10 users on Access Control.

Trial Period

3 business days 

5 business days after receiving Domain information

※4 Note that we have limit number of Common Trial tenant that we can provide to our customers. In the case that our Common Trial tenants are all booked up, you may have to reserve for the tenant and wait for the availability.

Office 365 Plan

Exchange Online
Business Essentials

Customer Office 365 Plan

※5 Note that there are limit number of plan provided. In the case that Office 365 trial tenant is not available, you may have to wait for the availability.

Connection with Office365/G-Suite

No need



HENNGE Access Control Admin Console




HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console




HENNGE Archive Console

Not Provide



HENNGE Secure Transfer Admin Console

Not Provide



Office 365/G Suite Admin Account

Not Provide

Customer's Office 365 Admin account

※6 Any operation that required Admin privilege will not be available.

Account Synchronization between HENNGE Access Control and Office 365/G-Suite

Not Possible 


※7 You can Add/Edit/Delete users on Access Control, but the effects will not be synced to Office 365/G-Suite.

Account Syncrhonization between HENNGE Access Control and Active Directory

Not Possible


※8 Multiple steps of preparation of Active Directory for synchronization will be required.

【Office 365】
SharePoint Online root site collection

Not Available

Depends on Customer's Office 365 tenant


Connect HENNGE One with other services (such as Salesforce) apart from Office 365/G-Suite

Not Possible



Number of Device Certificates 

6 Devices

10 Devices

※9 Please contact us in advance if you wish to use Device Certificate.

4.How to apply for HENNGE One Trial

 If you wish to apply for HENNGE One Trial, please contact our Sales representative.

Or you can apply through our Web form here (Only available in Japanese).

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