Renewal Procedure for Expiring HENNGE Device Certificates



This information is intended for customers who are using HENNGE Device Certificates and have HENNGE Device Certificates distributed to their PC or smartphone devices with a remaining validity period of 30 days or less until expiration.


This provides guidance on the renewal procedure for HENNGE Device Certificates nearing their expiration date, as performed by administrators.


1. The content of this article was created based on the product specifications as of June 2023 and is subject to change without prior notice.

2. HENNGE Access Control administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

3. Refer to the following article for how to access the admin console:

Accessing HENNGE Access Control admin console

4. With the reissue, it is not possible to change the username, OS, device ID type, device ID, destination email address, or language.


Detailed Explanation / Procedure

The renewal of expiring HENNGE Device Certificates is performed in the HENNGE Access Control admin console under the left menu [Device Certificates] - [Certificats].




1. Click the [Renew Certificates] button on the [Certificates] screen.


2. The list will display the expiring HENNGE Device Certificates.


3. Check the HENNGE Device Certificates that you want to renew.


4. Click [Update].


5. Click [Renew Certificates].


6. An email for reinstalling the HENNGE Device Certificate will be sent to the respective devices.

7. Follow the instructions in the email to perform the reinstallation process on each device.

Installation of HENNGE Device Certificate


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