Bulk Revocation of HENNGE Device Certificates


This article is intended for administrators who perform the initial setup and operational admin of HENNGE Access Control.


The purpose of this article is for batch revocation of HENNGE Device Certificate in the admin console of HENNGE Access Control using modern view.
For individual revocation, please refer to the following page
Revoking HENNGE Device Certificates individually.


1. This article is based on the product specifications as of June 2023 and is subject to change without prior notice.

2. The administrator must have the necessary privileges in HENNGE Access Control to verify the actual screens and make configuration changes.

3. Refer to the following article for how to access the admin console:
Accessing HENNGE Access Control admin console

Detailed Explanation / Procedure 

To revoke HENNGE Device Certificates in bulk, follow these steps in the HENNGE Access Control admin console under the left menu [Device Certificate] - [Certificate List].

1. Creating a list of revoked device certificates

  1.1. Access the HENNGE Access Control admin console.

  1.2. Navigate to the left menu [Device Certificate] - [Certificates] in the HENNGE Access Control admin console.


 1.3. Select [× Revoke Certificates].


 1.4. Choose [Device Certificate Revocation List] and download the template.


   1.5. Fill in the certificate IDs to be revoked in the downloaded TXT file.

Fill in one row per HENNGE Device Certificate to be revoked.
If revoking multiple HENNGE Device Certificates at once, fill in one row per certificate.
The file should be created using UTF-8 encoding.
Supported upload formats include XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TSV.

You can find the certificate IDs by referring to the [Certificate List] under the left menu.

2. Batch revoke of device certificates

2.1. Upload the created device certificate revocation list by selecting it from [Choose File] or by dragging and dropping.


2.2. Select [Submit Revocation Request].


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