Bulk User Registration (Modern View)


This is for administrators who perform bulk user registration in HENNGE Access Control.


This guide demonstrates how to bulk register user information in HENNGE Access Control's Modern View using a CSV file.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of February 2024 and may change without notice.

2. Some aspects may vary due to updates or specification changes.

3. HENNGE Access Control administrator permissions are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

4.Refer to the following article for how to access the admin console:

Accessing HENNGE Access Control admin console

Detailed Procedure

User registration in HENNGE Access Control's Modern View is performed in the HENNGE Access Control management screen's left menu [Users] - [User List].

HAC User List Press.png

1. Create a CSV File

1.1. Access the HENNGE Access Control management screen.

1.2. Access the left menu of the HENNGE Access Control management screen [Users] - [User List].

HAC User List Press.png

1.3. Click [Bulk Update/Register] and then click [Register].

Register/Update→Click Register.png


1.4. Click [Bulk Registration Template] to obtain a template for bulk registration.

Bulk Registration Template Red Frame.png

1.5. Edit the CSV file obtained in step 1.4.

Please refer to the "List of Registerable Items" for the settings of each item.

※ Maximum supported lines per file is 250.

Bulk Registration Registerable Details.png

2. Upload the CSV File

2.1. Select the CSV file created in step 1 and upload it.

Bulk Registration Upload Red Frame.png

2.2. Confirm the content and click [Import Data].

※ If an error message is displayed, correct the CSV file according to the error and upload it again.

Bulk Registration Data Import Button.png

2.3. Confirm that the registration completion screen appears.

2.4. Click [Bulk Registration Log] to check the processing status.

Bulk Registration Completion Screen.png

Confirm that the status of the relevant process is "Complete."

※ It may take a few minutes for a large number of registrations.


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