Deletion of enterprise applications


Administrators responsible for the initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Secure Transfer are the audience for the content in this article.


This article explains how to delete enterprise applications on the Microsoft Entra ID added during the HENNGE Secure Transfer usage initiation.


1. The content of this article is based on the product specifications as of October 2023 and may be subject to change without notice in the future.

2. To perform this procedure, you need permissions from one of the following: Microsoft 365 Global Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, Application Administrator, or Service Principal Owner.


Deleting Enterprise Applications

1. Sign in to Microsoft 365.


2. From the left menu, go to [Admin Center] - [ID] - [Applications] - [Enterprise Applications],

and select "HENNGE Secure Transfer" from the list of applications displayed on the right.


3. From the left menu, select [Properties].


4. Select [Delete] at the top of the page, followed by [Yes].


Delete Enterprise Applications (External Link)

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