How to Write Access Condition in HENNGE Access Control (Modern view)


This article is intended for administrators who perform initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Access Control.


This article explains how to write access condition expressions for HENNGE Access Control.


1. This article's content is based on product specifications as of March 2024 and may be subject to change without notice thereafter.

2. Actual screen verification and configuration changes require administrator permissions for HENNGE Access Control.

3. Please refer to the following article for access to the management screen.
Access method to HENNGE Access Control management screen

4. Access condition expressions are all written in lowercase.

Detailed explanation / Procedure 

When configuring the following two items, describe the conditional expressions described in this article.

1. Access Policy Group
2. Issuance conditions for admission passes

1. Writable access condition expressions

By combining the following descriptions, you can describe the conditions necessary for user access.

IPv4 range+

Access using HENNGE Device Certificate+

Access from HENNGE Secure Browser+

Presence of admission pass+

Number of days since admission pass issuance+


Time range+

Date range+

Day of the week+

Custom Attribute+

2. Available Operators and Others

Logical Operators (Binary)+

Logical Negation Operator (Unary)+

Grouping of Condition Expressions+

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