New Release: [HENNGE Email DLP] June 2024 UI changes User Console.


Customers using HENNGE Email DLP are the target audience.


We will inform you of the June 2024 update information regarding HENNGE Email DLP.

* The screen is under development. It may differ from the actual screen.

Improvement of Mail Body Confirmation Screen

Improvement of Mail Body Viewing Screen

We have changed the overall screen configuration to improve visibility, such as separating filtering information and mail body information in HENNGE Email DLP.

Before  After


Screenshot 2024-05-16 15.32.35.png

Highlight External Recipient Addresses

Addresses for domains not registered in HENNGE One are highlighted, making it easier to understand whether they are intended for external delivery.

Before  After
Screenshot 2024-05-15 18.36.13.png Screenshot 2024-05-15 17.18.45.png

Display Time for Release of Hold on User's Mail Detail Screen

The time for automatically sending held mail is now displayed for temporarily held emails.

Before After
showsuspendtime_before.png showsuspendtime_after.png

Display of No Pending Mail in Each Menu on User's Screen

The display when there are no unprocessed mails in the relevant menu has been made easier to understand.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 17.55.52.png

Integration of Attachment Menu

We have integrated the history of files processed by automatic ZIP encryption, HENNGE Secure Download, and Secure Download for Box.

Before After
filemenu_before.png filemenu_after.png


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