User Console Guide for HENNGE Access Control (Part 1)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


This article will explain how to use the HENNGE Access Control User Console from the users' perspective.
The article will cover the following parts.

  1. Login

  2. Password Change

  3. One-Time Password (OTP) Setting

※Because this article includes many images, we have divided it into Part 1 and Part 2.
Please find Part 2 in the following link. 


  1. Login

    1-1. Please login to your HENNGE Access Control from the following URL.<yourdomain>/login/
    ※Please replace <yourdomain> with your domain.

    1-2. After login, users will be redirected to the user portal page.
    ※ The actual page may depend upon your configurations.
  2. Password Change

    2-1. Please select the [Change Password] as shown in the following image.Screen_Shot_2020-05-15_at_9.27.10.png

    2-2. After typing in the Current Password, New Password and the New Password (Confirm), please click on Submit.

    ※If you are using the Active Directory to synchronize users, the message "Password can not be changed on HENNGE One." will be shown.
    Please change the user password on the Active Directory.
  3. One-Time Password (OTP) Setting

    3-1. Please select the [OTP] (One-Time Password setting) as shown in the picture below.

    3-2. Available One-Time Password (OTP) options are [Configure OTP via Smartphone] and [Configure OTP via Email].
    ※For setting up the OTP via Smartphone, please go to 3.3 and for Email, please go to 3.7.

    3-3. For choosing "Configure OTP via Smartphone"
    Please prepare your smartphone and scan the following QR code with your smartphone.

    3-4. Please download the Google Authenticator (iOS and Android) or the HENNGE OTP Generator (iOS) via your phone and open up the application.

    Google Authenticator(iPhone)

    Google Authenticator(Android)

    HENNGE OTP Generator (iPhone)

    3-5.Please scan the QR code with your smartphone.

    Google Authenticator (iOS / Android)
    Please startup the application and click on [Begin Setup] and then [Scan barcode].
    Please allow the application to access the camera of your device if necessary.
    The camera will be up and running.

    HENNGE OTP Generator (iOS)

    Please startup the application and click on [+] and then click on the [Scan QRCode].
    Please allow the application to access the camera of your device if necessary.
    The camera will be up and running.

    3-6. Please scan the QR code in the procedure 3-3.
    If the QR code has been scanned successfully, the OTP will display a 6 digit One-Time Password.
    Please input the OTP Token into the procedure 3-3 and click on submit.
    ※If the OTP Token is not installed successfully, the number or digits obtained after the setup will not be correct as well.
    If the "OTP Token is not correct" message is displayed, please return to 3-2 to generate a new QR code to be scanned.

    3-7. If you choose to "Configure OTP by email", please enter an Email address like the screenshot below to receive the OTP.
    After the Email address has been entered, please enter Submit to continue.

    3-8. In order for the OTP to be setup correctly, please enter the OTP token sent to your Email address and click on Submit to complete setup.

    3-9. The system will redirect you to the page in the procedure 3-2. and if the "Current OTP method" is Email, then the setup is correct and has been completed.
    If the setup is not complete, please go to procedure 3-7 to retry the setup again.

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