User Console Guide for HENNGE Access Control (Part 2)


This article is intended for end users who utilize HENNGE Access Control.


This article explains how to use the HENNGE Access Control user console.


1. The display of screens may vary depending on the OS, version, and model of your device.

2. The content of this article is based on the product as of January 2024 and is subject to change without notice.

3. Due to the inclusion of many images, this article is divided into parts. This is the second part, and you can refer to the first part at the following link:

Detailed Procedure Explanation

1. Login

1-1. Log in to HENNGE Access Control from the following URL.<yourdomain>/login/
※Please replace <yourdomain> with your contracted domain._______640.png

1-2. After logging in, you will be redirected to the user portal as shown below.

2. HENNGE Secure Browser Settings (Displayed only for contracted users)

2-1. Select "HENNGE Secure Browser Settings" as shown in the following screen.

2-2. You can check the currently registered devices. When registering a new device, select "Register New Device" at the bottom left.HSB__2_640.png

2-3. Selecting "Register New Device" will display the QR code for settings, allowing configuration of the new device.
For detailed setup instructions, refer to the following:
Smartphone Version HENNGE Secure Browser Installation Guide
PC Version HENNGE Secure Browser Installation Guide

2-4. After completing the settings, you can configure unread email notifications for each device in the "Settings."HSB_____640.png

3. Client Certificate (Displayed only for contracted users)

3-1. Select "Client Certificate" as shown in the following screen.

3-2. You can check the currently in-use certificates in the list.

3-3. In "Details," you can view detailed information for each certificate.

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