User Console Guide for HENNGE Access Control (Part 2)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


This article will explain how to use the HENNGE Access Control User Console from the users' perspective.
The article will cover the following parts.

  1. Login

  2. HENNGE Secure Browser Setting
  3. HENNGE Device Certificate Setting

※Because this article includes many images, we have divided it into Part 1 and Part 2.
 Please find Part 1 in the following link. 


  1. Login

    1-1. Please login to your HENNGE Access Control from the following URL.<yourdomain>/login/
    ※Please replace <yourdomain> with your domain.Screen_Shot_2020-05-15_at_15.02.37.png

    1-2. After login, users will be redirected to the user portal page.
       ※ The actual page may depend upon your configurations.

  2. HENNGE Secure Browser Settings ※If this optional feature is purchased

    2-1. Please select the [HENNGE Secure Browser settings] as shown in the following image.

    2-2. Please confirm the [Authenticated Devices] from the list.
    If there are additional devices desired to be added, please click on [New device authentication].

    2-3. After the [New device authentication] is selected, a QR code for setting will be displayed and new devices can be registered.

    For setup procedure of the HENNGE Secure Browser, please refer to the following manuals.
    スマートフォン 版 HENNGE Secure Browser インストールガイド
    PC 版 HENNGE Secure Browser インストールガイド

    2-4. After the setup has been completed, please click on the [Settings] of that desired device in order to set the unread Email notification.

  3. HENNGE Device Certificate Settings ※If this optional feature is purchased

    3-1.Please select the [HENNGE Device Certificate settings] as shown in the following image.


    3-2. Please confirm on the available certificates in the list .


    3-3.Please click on [Details] if you wish to view the detailed information of a specific Device Certificate.

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